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Create a customized cover letter that introduces you as the best candidate right off the bat.

Every year businesses spend billions on brand identity and image. Corporate CEOs want the public to identify their business’ brand with little to no effort. This means spending countless hours creating marketing materials to spread.


Tens of millions of searches are conducted on the job boards every month. These are the active job seekers, drawn to one or another or, as is usually the case, more than one job board because, as Willie Sutton never said, that’s where the jobs are.


Organizations may employ various theoretical approaches for job design. These include Taylorism, Socio-Technical Systems Approach, Core Characteristics Model, and Psychological Empowerment Theory. Each approach emphasizes different aspects to be considered in effective job design.


Clean code can be read, and enhanced by a developer other than its original author. It has unit and acceptance tests. It has meaningful names. It provides one way rather than many ways for doing one thing. It has minimaldependencies, which are explicitly defined, and provides a clear and minimal API.


It’s important to let the job seeker know what the benefits are right in the job ad. It’s a major selling point, and seekers want to know what they’ll get out of the deal. You’ll want to think holistically about all the benefits your company and your company’s culture may offer. There are two ways to format the benefits sections.

Our Featured Services



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