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Genre: Action, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Var

Director: Julius Avery

Stars: Pilo Asbek, Jacob Anderson, Wyatt Russell, Bock Woodbin, John Magaro

Plot: On the eve of D-Day during World War II, American paratroopers sank their enemies after their planes were printed.The mission destroyed a German radio station in a small town outside Normandy. Upon reaching their goal, the parachutists understand that, in addition to fighting the Nazi soldiers, they have to fight the terrible, bloody and cruel creatures that have arisen as a result of the secretnational experiment.


container = AVI (AVI)

Duration = 01:41

File size = 1 GiB

– Video

Codec info = MPEG-4 Visual Advanced | XVID

Resolution = 720k304

Show AR = | : one

Bit rate = 1 335 kbps

Frame rate = color space = IUV

Chrome subroutine = 4: 2: 0

Encoder = KsviD0067

– Audio

Codec info =MPEG Audio Laier 3 | 55

Channels = 2

Transmission speed = CBR 128 kb / s

Measurement frequency = kHz

Language = English


The story of two American soldiers for enemies on Dan D.


Julius Avery:

Billi Rai (script), MarkL. Smith (script) | On the eve of DAN, American paratroopers were thrown to the enemy forfulfilling a mission that is crucial to the success of the invasion. But when they approach their goal, they begin to realize that this is happening in this village, occupied by the Nazis. More than just a military operation. They are in a fight with supernatural forces,part of the Nazi experiment.

Overlord 2018 HDCAM


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The green clump is embarrassed to destroy Christmas for Ull village.


Jaru Cheney, Scott Mozier Author:

Michael Lescier (script), Dr. ceuss (based on book) | For its full full eight feature, Illumination and Universal Pictures represent The Grinch, winning the beautiful classics of festivals. Go ahead. Grinch reveals the history of a cynical group that goes on a journey to steal Christmas alone to replace itof a young Christmas spirit. Funny, interesting and visually, it’s a general story about the spirit of Christmas and the unending power of hope. The Academy’s nominee Benedict Cumberbetch gives him the funeral of Hunger, who lives alone in the cave on the hill. Body with just the same dog, Max, in the company. With the help of a cave with utensils and furniture for their daily needs, is seen byGrinchyn had his neighbors in the Board when it was dismantled. Every year, Christmas Eve disturbs its quiet loneliness in their celebration, more enlightenment and higher. When one announces this year they make Christmas three more times, Grinch …

Grinchyn says the story of a synagogue crew who went on a journey to just steal Christmas to change his young heart’s change of generous spirit. Thisis a general story about the spirit of Christmas and the unexpected power of hope.

Grinch and his Max live lover in a lonely existence in a cave at Mount Crumpet. The main source of growth comes during Christmas, when Wowl neighbors celebrate the holiday with an explosion. If a person decides to make Christmas more brilliant, the Grinch dissatisfied realizes that there is one wayensuring peace and tranquility. With Max’s help, the green tunnel removes the plan to put it as Santa Claus, Christmas dress and keep Whos happy to greet you once and for all.

The Grinch 2018


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